Our Philosophy


A very thorough skills-based assessment is completed on each child to determine specific strengths and weaknesses. Programs are then designed, implemented and regularly updated to meet each individual child’s needs. Each family determines the number of hours of therapy per week and the specific times for therapy. From the beginning, the entire program is concentrated to adapt to the family’s daily needs.


Throughout every phase of treatment, a combination of best known treatment practices are utilized, to best meet the child’s specific needs at that point in the therapy process. Some of the methodologies utilized are: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Verbal Behavior (VB), Floortime, Play Therapy, Picture Exchange Communication (PECS), Social Stories, etc.


Each child’s program will include all goals that are needed for further development. These goals will be comprehensive and cover all aspects of development. For instance, Language (receptive, expressive and functional), Social Skills, Play Skills, Imitation Skills, Speech, OT and PT Goals (gross and fine motor), Self-Help Skills, Sensory Integration, etc.  We welcome the opportunity to work together with your current speech and occupational therapists – or any other professional services you may be currently using, to provide coordinating services.

Throughout the years, the children who have made the most progress, at the fastest rate, have been those where everyone, consultants, families and therapists, were highly involved and working together as a team.  

FH&L Autism Services is ready to provide you with a team of workers to help you and your child narrow the deficit gaps. We are here to serve you and your family!