Online Assessment for Employment

Read the information below about our Online Assessments and go to the provided link to complete the two short Online Assessments – approximate time 30 minutes.


If you do not have access to complete these assessments, please contact us and we can make other arrangements to have these assessments completed.


If FH&L is a company you would want to continue your career growth with, please take the time to complete these two Online Assessments.

These Assessments will take approximately 35 minutes, to gain an understanding of your overall skills, not specifically related to skills working with autistic children or your ABA skills. The assessments are designed to assist FH&L in determining if you would be a good fit for the position in which you are applying for.

Prior to beginning the tests, it is highly advised that you take time to prepare by eliminating any distractions, making sure you have set time aside so as not to be rushed and be in a physical location where you can remain focused and maintain an internet connection the entire time.

Guidelines for the assessments:

  • You are the only one allowed to answer these questions – no outside assistance allowed. If we move forward in the hiring process, you may be required to take one or more of these assessments in person to verify the results.
  • You can have a pen, pencil and paper available if needed.
    It is very difficult for anyone to fully complete all the questions on these assessments. Your goal is to complete as many as possible but not to be stressed out if you do not finish all of the questions.
  • You cannot take the assessments more than once.
  • Prior to starting the assessments, it is highly advised that you click here to read about what to expect from the assessments. The information in this section will also help you prepare better for the assessment time.

Here is the link to the Online Assessments:

**If you get kicked out of your assessment, you have two options:To continue with a test, candidates should go to and enter their test event IDs. If a candidate does not know their individual test event ID, please contact us and we can get you logged back in to continue your tests.

Once you’ve completed the online assessments, send us your resume! Email it to Human Resources.

*** Please be sure to include your email address and a working phone number with your resume/application. Thank you very much!

***If you utilize a Yahoo email account, please check your spam folder as these defaults are restrictive to our email system.