FH&L Intervention Services

President/Owner Cheryl (Jue) Penn  has been a Master’s Level Licensed Social Worker since 1989, graduating with a specialization in Families and Adolescents. In the fall of 1999, she obtained her School Social Work Certification. This certification provided her the opportunity to work within the school system, gaining vast experiences with IEP’s and autistic children. While working as a Social Worker in one of Illinois’ top special needs programs, Cheryl fell in love with autistic children. She saw such great potential in teaching them, when the proper techniques were utilized. This love spurred her on to complete numerous hours of self-study in the specialized area of autism. To further her education on treatment for autistic children, she took graduate level courses and participated in intensive, supervised, hands-on experience in Applied Behavior Analysis, through the May Institute. These accomplishments allowed her to take the National Exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  As a BCBA, you are assured that she has competency in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and utilizing the proper techniques to make lasting changes for autistic and other special needs children.

Upon moving to Ohio in 2005, Cheryl began her own home-based ABA services to families with autistic children. During this time, she has provided high quality and professional services to a variety of different children on the spectrum. Her success rate is phenomenal in helping children narrow the deficits in their development. However, her children were very limited in learning social skills within the home environment. In the meantime, the waiting lists for services to autistic children continued to grow exponentially. The deep heartfelt desire to continue to meet autistic children’s needs, is what spurred on the opening of the first center in Gahanna, Ohio. It is also what has continued to drive her to open up large center in Beavercreek, Ohio and a new center in Pickerington, OH.

Other certificates obtained are in the areas of Trauma and Loss, as she is also a Certified Trauma and Loss School Consultant.

Cheryl Jue and three of her four children.

Cheryl (Jue) Penn and three of her four children.