• One-on-One Therapy, either center based, home based or both

• Large Gross Motor Room (Beavercreek and Pickerington, OH) – with birthday party rentals available

• Heavy focus on Speech and Language training

• Tutoring for academics

• Social / Peer Skills Training

• One-on-one aides for preschool and school settings

• Proper classroom behavior skills taught

• After school & days off school drop in center


• Understanding Autism & applying ABA principles within the home environment

• Verbal Behavior to teach children to speak & increase their verbal skills

• Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS ) to teach children functional communication

• How to set up and successfully run an in-home ABA Program

• Toilet Training

• Managing Behavioral Issues

• Parenting a special needs child

• Teaching a child to play and learn through play

Other topics available upon request